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Kilts and Tassels A La Cardiff

I hate trains. I mean really hate them. I tend to be stuck next to people who chew loudly, fidget or are genrally blah. So I was pleasantly surprised to be sat on my own for the majority of my journey to Cardiff to perform and host. I even loved when the spare seat was occupied by a Welsh god of a man in a kilt and tailored jacket. I almost didnt get off at Cardiff, wanting instead to stare at his perfectly knobbled knees and manly features.

The first thing to greet me in Cardiff was three drunks sprawled out on the seats outside the station. Each one spouting rubbish about people staring at them when they were just relaxing and causing no bother. Admittedly they werent and the staring might have had something to do with the fact they smelt rather strongly of urine.

The event for the night was held in a mock Irish pub from a chain you may know: O’Neils. Whilst the barman did question my order of a double JD n coke (what do you mean 12pm is too early for booze?!) the venue was pleasant enough. The actual location of the show was in the private bar area upstairs. A large space with its own booze facilities meant limited queuing time. Awesome. Another JD n coke? No…must be sober and professional.

So despite odd comment from a rather perma tanned doorman (tosser) who clearly wasnt used to people bantering with him, the night seemed set to be a good one.

Each act was different and not similar to the others on the bill. My favourite was the Queen Victoria act, The Knitting Ladies and Fraulin  Felicia Noir’s beer girl act. Each one had surprises that people werent expecting. The other performers were good to and all enjoyable to watch. Its nice to see a variety of seasoned performers and beginners gracing the stage. I loved my pocket rockets (Luna and Sprite) whose performance art based acts were interesting to watch. Laura Mai sang her ickle heart out, Kitty Curvacious and Lady Lace were the decandent selves and Heavens Edge were fresh and foxy. A special mention to Comely Notion and Violet Vayne (burlesque teacher and student respectively) who made me laugh and roar with delight. Our token cabaret man was Owen Noblock who delighted with his ditties and his banter. Good boy.I even had a little performance myself. And yes I did power slide, aided by the talc sprinkled floor Lady Lace had provided during her powder puff act.

A fabulous night with good friends and performers alike.

I will be back in Cardiff soon for the Armed Forces day 25th June.

Copyright Andy Murdoch. This sums up the night: happy semi nudity.

My night ended with a drive around Cardiff by Andy with two drunken friends and one embarrassed husband in a fiat punto with trance music blasting (save my soul someone). Eventually we found the casino and proceed to spend/lose/win money. Good times.

See you soon Cardiff.

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