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Its all in the 120 baby…

Regular followers of this blog, my twitter and facebook will know that I am an avid (though amateur) photographer; having bought myself a Nikon D90 and yes I know some of you think Canon is better but BAH to you. I also collect vintage cameras…mainly 120 film TLRs but there is the odd 35mm SLR in there too. Anyway I have been using these old cameras more and more as I love how the experience is drawn out as you need to get them processed etc etc. You can read about my dabblings with the format first time round here:

120 film is rather difficult to get processed so I was chuffed to happy grins when I found not one but TWO Lomography shops in London. Lomography for those that dont know a group/thought process of  pushing the analogue form of photography (using film as opposed to digital) and taking pictures of life as it happens. This is a hugely popular and admittedly rather chic group. You can see here more info and their shop:

You can also see my own photos uploaded here: Be warned though as I am a burlesque performer there are bound to be some rude ones.

Anyway since getting back into the photography I have found myself yearning for a new camera. Cue my Amazon Wish List being full of cameras, accessories as well as other burlesque related items…DIANA CAMERA will be mine…I hope. I mean seriously my wish list is full of it:

Anyway here are some of my images. All are copyrighted to me…taken on 120 film. Can I say a HUGE thank you to Courtney Blush who lovingly sent me two 120 film reels she had. One colour and one b/w. These images were taken using the film she gave me. THANK YOU KITTEN!

TITS! backstage. Spot the camera? Copyright Khandie!

The beautiful ReeRee Rockette and I taking photos. Me: TLR. ReeRee: Modern Camera. BAH!

My attempt at double exposure.

Spotted this scene in Brick Lane. Copyright Khandie

Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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